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Re: LTSP 5 Local Media, GNOME Desktop and FUSE

Alexandre Cavalcante Alencar wrote:
Hi all,

I am playing a bit with LTSP 5 in Fedora 9 (with Fedora 9 client
filesystem) and I have some suggestions to improvement or workaround
about the local media access and user interaction thrught GNOME

1. When a user insert a USB removeable media on his thin client, it
show up on GNOME desktop of every user logged on into the server. For
a usability point of view, it should only be visible at owner desktop,
not all users logged in the server.

This shouldn't be happening with one of our patches to gvfs, and indeed I cannot reproduce this. Can anybody else reproduce this?

2. The user cannot umount the USB removeable media available at his
desktop before removing it and this can lead to corrupt files or
media. For the UI, the media is alerdy showing at user desktop when
the media should not be there anymore (it was unpluged from the user
thin client).

This is really two issues.
* It is confusing that the unmount option in the GUI doesn't work. I'm told that it might be possible to wire this in but I have not had time to explore how yet.
* You are hitting some other bug due to the previous issue on #1.

3.  If many users inserts a media that's recognized as /dev/sdb1 at
thin client side, all icons at users desktop for all users media have
the same name. This way, users cannot distinguish what's your media.

This again is a bug due to #1 above.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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