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[K12ltsp-list] Reminder:I have added you in my friend list- IBM-Bangalore. Invite id- UTYSxS

This invitation is sent to k12ltsp-list redhat com on  8/8/2008

Invitation expires in 7 days.

         Sanjana - developer- IBM, Bangalore              
  Hi, I am an independent girl ,believes in living life to fulleth.
  I like  partying,making online friends ,chatting ,and of course
  adventurous, I feel we can be good friends, since you are from
  my field, we can share interest and it will be helpful in career.
  Let me know if you are interested. If interested you can join me on
 This is a social networking site like Orkut but it is more professional
  meeting place, and best part is it is  accesible from my workplace.

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India.This is India's first Career oriented web 2.0 platform ,Socialmoto is well funded by
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