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[K12ltsp-list] Sell to 10,000 estate & letting agents


How would you like sell your services to 10,000 Estate and Letting Agencies?

We have developed a software system that sells your services to a huge database of over 10,000 estate & letting agencies. The software emails individual personalised emails to your prospects.

Please contact us to learn more. More information and a downloadable brochure can be found on www.123sitesolutions.com/news.htm or by calling 020 7609 2800

Once you have the software you can use it as often as you like.

Very briefly, this is how Emailer will increase sales:

The software sends individual emails (which you can create within the inbuilt software editor) with details of the recipient company within the email. It gets fantastic results. Its automatic and requires no work on your part. It also has every address and other details like telephone, fax, address, contact names etc. It also takes attachments (PDF's, word documents, images, etc.)


For further information give us a call ASAP on 020 7609 2800 or just reply to this email. If this email has gone to the wrong person I would be very grateful if you would forward it to the correct person or department. If you would like us to send the help file with screenshots of the product please let us know.

Andrew Kenny
Director 123SiteSolutions Ltd 
Software Development & Website Design
T: 020 7609 2800 F: 020 7609 2810 E:
akenny 123sitesolutions com

If this email has been received by an unintended recipient or you would prefer not to receive any emails please reply with 'unsubscribe' in the subject

For further information

Contact us on +44 (0) 207 609 2800 and ask for Andrew Kenny
Send an email to info 123sitesolutions com
AfA'Aca,?A!Afa?sA,AC Copyright 2005. 123SS All rights reserved.



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