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[K12ltsp-list] Usual misspelt annoying outsourcing email

This is not the usual misspelt annoying email from an Indian outsourcing company beginning 'Hi, I Mr Asif...'

We are a UK company so we know how to spell and we know how your business works. We also know that you want to save money. Hence we offer Indian rates using our wholly owned company and employees in Mumbai, India but managed by us in London.

So the only question is: what do you or anyone else in your company do on a computer that you would like us to do at a fraction of the cost? You can now hire your very own dedicated 'Virtual Employee' at Indian rates of pay contactable by you, using our voice and video conference tools, anytime.

Contact us to learn more. More information can be found by calling 0207 609 2800 or on www.esolutionsgroup.co.uk/virtual-employees-india.aspx or reply with your details.

No minimum term. No job too small or too big, as they say...

Andrew Brennan
T: 020 7609 2800
E: info esolutionsgroup co uk

This email is a commercial email and complies with regulations regarding the sending of emails to businesses. If this email has been received by an unintended recipient or you would prefer not to receive any future emails please reply to this email to esolutionsgroup directemailoffers co uk with the word 'unsubscribe' anywhere in the subject, Click here for that email to open automatically. To unsubscribe any other email addresses just click here which will open a website where you can add any email address to be unsubscribed.

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