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Re: [K12OSN] Which LZDSK image for 3C905-TX?

Dan, Bert,
If I can shed some (candle) light... I installed K12LTSP on a Dell GX1 p2-400, it has an integrated 3com PCI 3c905 10/100 on the motherboard, the server installs without problems. The client pc is a diskless Dell GXa p2-300, also with the 3c905 on the motherboard. I could not get the 3c905b-tpo.lzdsk to work until I disabled the IDE disk controller in the BIOS. It workied immediately after that. I now have discovered that the /var/log/messages file quickly fills up with transmit errors. I located http://www.scyld.com/network/vortex.html which states: This typically occurs when the network is exceptionally busy or when another host doesn't correctly back off after a collision. If this error is mixed with 0x82 errors it is the result of a host incorrectly set to full duplex. I think I have a duplex problem and I have not yet figured out how to correct it... The two pc's are cabled to a Netgear DS108 10/100 hub. I've got 20 of these machines I hope to pass on to a local charter school... Thanks,
Paul Van Allsburg

Bert Rolston wrote:

Hi Dan,

Thanks for looking at this. I'm losing more of my already thinning hair.

Mine has gone grey prematurely. I'll be reaching the big 4 0 soon, but my hair says I got there a long time ago!

Computer Specs:
     The CPU is a P2/266
     The computer itself is an HP Vectra VL6/266 Series 7DT
     So far as I can tell, HP must have made the motherboard.

OK. I'll run with that. PCI shouldn't be an issue

Didn't the vectra have an internal NIC?

I'll do some digging.

Would it make sense to try another type of NIC (maybe I can find an ISA NIC somewhere...) and see if that boots?

That's what I ended up doing. As I said previously, I didn't have much luck with the 3COM isa nics.

I've seen a few questions asked about 3COMs, can't recall many resolutions.

Cheers, Bert

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