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Re: [K12OSN] Re: remote start of xprogram for local display

On 2002.05.02 05:37 Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:

1 big business server, many remote locations connected to
central location by vpn, k12os servers in every remote location.
terminals access oo and other goodies locally on the k12os local
servers and connect
by ssh to business server. the business app is in character mode and
displaying X over WAN is not too good.
  clients ssh (text-based login) direct to application server ?
 ssh uses keys (no password entry required)
 put icon in desktop - click and go.

i have many scanned documents  that
are available locally. the business app knows how to push an image to
remote k12os server (rsync). the server knows how to display the image
(export DISPLAY=.... ; gqview image-name). i am missing the crucial
  instead of transferring the image there, you could just
 `xloadimage hostname:0 filename.jpg`  from the server
 and splat! it's on their desktop.
 you may have to `xhost + big.server.name` from the clients..

What are you making ?

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