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[K12OSN] How to prepare for K12 project

**Please forward replies to this email to: royce holden bcsemail org

At Buncombe County Schools in Western NC, we are preparing for 5 labs in
3 middle schools for keyboarding.  We would like to test LTSP for this
project.  The following questionnaire will help us along the way.
Please feel free to comment at the end of the questionnaire regarding
questions we may not have covered or what we may encounter during the
project.  Thank You in advance!

1.  How can we remotely manage these 5 labs using LTSP?
2.  Are you using Win4Lin or any other Win emulation software?
3.  How do you handle technical support?  Do you have a standard
procedure for handling higher priority lab situations?
4.  Do you have technical support at the school or central office level?
How is the communication handled if you have both?
5.  How do you handle software requests from teachers, vocational,
admins, etc.?  For example, curriculum is often based on books with
software that is usually windows or Mac-based, how to get past this?


Royce Holden, IT Manager
Buncombe County Schools
royce holden bcsemail org

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