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Re: [K12OSN] linux class

I teach novell, win2000 :-( and Linux as part a a three year computer technologie course.
I use Novell to get basic networking fundamentals in place(account, file serviers, print servers, tcp/IP,...) then i transfer over to Win and Linux.
I use Running Linux from O'Reilly or a more distro specific reference manual.
Course Technology /Thomson learning offers Linux course material but I have not tried it.http://www.course.com/

Chad Whitten a écrit :

I have the opportunity to teach a class in linux networking this fall at a
local community college as part of their two-year networking program.  They
are doing this on sort of a test basis and eventually plan to replace their
novell classes with linux classes.  I was wondering if anyone on this list
has any experience with teaching a linux class and could recommend any
materials, textbooks, etc.

Chad Whitten
Network/Systems Administrator
neXband Communications
cwhitten nexband com

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