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Re: [K12OSN] linux class

	     There are 3 classic books on networking.

	     The Stevens collection.
	     The Comer collection by Douglas Comer
	     and the definative Computer Networks
	     by Tannenbaum.

	     All of these give the basics of networking. 

	     I am not clear that any of them is a good 
	     introduction to networking at a practical level.

	     Good for theory, light on hands on work.

	     I have been using the book 

	     Linux TCP/IP Network Administration
                         by Scott Mann

	     This is a more practical, hands on, easier 
	     read book for people who are just starting to get
	     the idea of networking. 

	     There are a couple of top down books that are 
	     starting to come out. These are worth some 
	     consideration too.

	     You should take a look at www.caida.org/outreach/iec
	     for a large collection of resources about 
	     networking classes.


<jam McQuil com> writes:

 % If I had the chance to teach a networking class on any platform, I'd
 % try to make the W. Richard Stevens TCP/IP Illustrated Vol 1 be
 % required reading.
 % Best damn book i've ever read.
 % Volume 2 and 3 are good too, but Vol1 is a must read.
 % Jim McQuillan
 % jam Ltsp org
 % On Mon, 6 May 2002, Chad Whitten wrote:
 % > I have the opportunity to teach a class in linux networking this fall at a 
 % > local community college as part of their two-year networking program.  They 
 % > are doing this on sort of a test basis and eventually plan to replace their 
 % > novell classes with linux classes.  I was wondering if anyone on this list 
 % > has any experience with teaching a linux class and could recommend any 
 % > materials, textbooks, etc.  
 % > 
 % > Thanks
 % > 
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