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RE: re[2]: [K12OSN] Beyond awareness... moving towards migration!

Hi all,

On a side note, I accidentally found out that AccReader uses
some ports or protocol not accessible on a RH7.2 server installed
in a firewall mode.
The software installs, but the program cannot access the data on the
samba share.  This was not a problem on previous RH installs in
'wide open' server mode.

I have not found the time to research the details.

Just FYI,
Richland Parish Schools

> Hi Tait,
> SNIP........
>> Also, does anyone have Accelerated Reader running under Linux using
>> Wine?  I got it going with one of our schools data loaded on the LTSP
>> Server's hard drive.  But, I can't seem to get it to run on our Samba
>> server.  If anyone has jumped into this or has a better way (that is
>> free), let me know.
> WINE provides a Linux <--> Windows compatibility layer, allowing you to
> run Win apps in Linux.
> SAMBA provides a networking layer allowing Winxx machines access a
> Linux server AS IF it was a M$ server.
> Two different things.
> Cheers,
> Bert
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