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[K12OSN] HELP: Monitors and Lab Temperature


I am about at pulling-hair-out stage with respect to CRT monitors at 
this school! Age, I can understand is an issue, as some of them 
are 5+ years old, but so very many of them are going dark! Some 
are so dull you can hardly see anything. Surely there must be a 
common cause of this. It is costing the earth to sort them out.

Also, how much do you find the temperature of your labs affecting 
the longevity of your PCs? I have been pushing for years to get our 
two labs airconditioned as I am a firm believer that the 
heat/humidity and dust cause more problems than anything else.

Only recently 2 years ago, did we get our server room 

Oh yes. I am in South Africa by the way. Tends to get hot here. 
Average summer temperatures are 30'C, but it is the humidity here 
in Durban, right at the ocean that I believe causes the most trouble.

Any comments?

Warwick Chapman
Network Administrator
Glenwood High School, Durban, South Africa
+27 031 2055241
+27 083 7797094

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