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Re: [K12OSN] HELP: Monitors and Lab Temperature

> Howdy
> I am about at pulling-hair-out stage with respect to CRT monitors at 
> this school! Age, I can understand is an issue, as some of them 
> are 5+ years old, but so very many of them are going dark! Some 
> are so dull you can hardly see anything. Surely there must be a 
> common cause of this. It is costing the earth to sort them out.

Some monitors have a secondary brightness control alternativly,
best person to consult would be a TV service engineer

> Also, how much do you find the temperature of your labs affecting 
> the longevity of your PCs? I have been pushing for years to get our 
> two labs airconditioned as I am a firm believer that the 
> heat/humidity and dust cause more problems than anything else.

All of these are rather unhealthy for people too.

Dust and humidity can probably do most damage, especially
to Floppy disk and CDROM drives.

> Only recently 2 years ago, did we get our server room 
> airconditioned!
> Oh yes. I am in South Africa by the way. Tends to get hot here. 
> Average summer temperatures are 30'C, but it is the humidity here 

Just as well you are heading towards winter :)

> in Durban, right at the ocean that I believe causes the most trouble.

Is this just humidity or is some of the dust actually salt?

If so it won't do any electronic equiptment much good.

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