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Re: [K12OSN] Win4Lin which version and how much?

OK, Per you request, here is a brief set of point from the MS half day discussion.

MS had a number of concerns....
1)...with reusing a small number of licensed copies of Windows for a larger community of concurrent users. We did not, but that was the starting point.
2)... with concurrent use - that was not covered in the EULA, as it was not part of the operating equation when MS legal wrote the Win98 EULA.
3)....the source of the software, license numbers, dealer number, whether we received the software under legitimate terms (our educational dealer was able to get Win98 even though it was no longer on the educational price list, by buying EDU copies of Win2000 and downgrading them). I can't say that MS was all the happy that we did this, even though it was a barely legitimate and creative was to get to something that would run with Win4Lin.
4)...with negative press towards Microsoft, and pro-LINUX stuff, from a school no less!! (OK, so that is approaching sarcasm, but that was the tone of the conversation on their part!)
5)...with the reasons for NOT picking MS instead of K12LTSP - 3 hours of hard sell...lots of my pushing back on UNIX ease-of-administration, scalability, enterprise management, etc. - all the areas where MS falls short as an enterprise solution.
6)....why we had not attended MS seminars on the benefits of MS software to schools, and how this would have solved a lot of the decision effort that we went through to select K12LTSP
7)...."arm twisting" of the local district - they put LOTS of heat on us to move to MS, but no money, so their arguments fell on deaf ears. This cost around 30 minutes of time, with MS lamenting how could we have gone a different path from the district (Oh, the simple joys of being a public charter school!), and then, complaints from the district on top!

So there is a set of objective reasons that the discussion took so long. MS got very aggressive about pricing, but our technology grant SPECIFICALLY excluded software from the purchase, so we had little choice. Even the 25 Win98 copies had to be "hidden" in another purchase.

Now the not-so-objective.....

...and as for sarcasm towards Redmond - I had to deal with Mr. Gates when I was part of the development team for the original IBM PC - he was arrogant to the extreme then, and even worse now, IMHO, to the detriment of millions.


At 09:19 AM 5/7/2002, you wrote:
> Actually you do - at least from a license perspective. I really like the
> install approach that you have used, but be careful or the MS Police will

There is something vaguely similar on
Except that it dosn't handle quite a few things.

> be down on you big time. I went through this with a Wired Mag article,
> where I talked about this from a technical point of view, and MS,
> interpreting this as a license violation, called the school district within
> minutes of the article coming out....the exercise cost half a day on the
> phone with MS folks to persuade them we did everything right.

Can you describe "right" (in MS terms) in 100 words or less?
(Other than sarcastic comments directed in the Redmond

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