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RE: [K12OSN] All the drives...

Hi Warwck,

I've started using them as non-essential storage in my server.

AMANDA would make good use of something that size.

How about these ideas

1)	Put a couple of IDE raid controllers in an older box. Stripe 4 drives on 
each controller, then use Linux to mirror these stripe sets. Use NFS to 
share this as 'overflow' storage.

2)	Do the same thing with more IDE raid controllers and set up a CD-Server. 
Instead of mirroring each stripe set, you could set the whole lot up as a 
raid 1+0 machine. This should make a very fast cd-server.


On Wednesday, May 08, 2002 4:01 AM, Warwick Chapman 
[SMTP:budgee glenwoodhighschool co za] wrote:
> Howdy
> Anyone found anything useful to do with all the drives (1Gb never-
> say-die beauties) that are unused noe that LTSP is working its
> magic?
> Budgee
> Warwick Chapman
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