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[K12OSN] Improved Open Office packages

I added two highly-requested features to Open Office:

  * defaults to saving new documents in Microsoft-compatible formats

  * templates for Impress presentations

One of the biggest complaints about deploying Open Office is that by default
it generates documents that Microsoft Office cannot read (it's an open
standard, so of course MS is not going to support it ;-). Considering that
most schools are currently in a MS Office dominated environment, it makes
sense to default to formats that MS Office can read.

SOT office, http://www.sot.com/en/linux/soto/, is a Finnish version of
Open Office.  One of the things SOT adds to Open Office are templates for
presentations. Since SOT Office is distributed under the GNU Public License,
we're free to pull those enhancements out of SOT Office and add them to
Open Office, which is also distributed on the GPL.

The additional templates will automatically show up when you create a new
presentation document.

If you have not installed Open Office, or are using a version other than
Open Office 1.0, the document saving defaults will automatically be set the
first time you run office.

If you have already installed Open Office 1.0, you can change the defaults
by selecting from the menu bar:

   Tools -> Options -> Load/Save -> General

Under "Standard file format", set the various "Document type"s to
"Always save as" the format of your choice. For example, set "Text document"
to always save as "Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP".

The updated packages are available here:



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