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Re: [K12OSN] Linux vs. Novell (Can you help?)

I went to Novell's Brainshare in March and can provide a little insight
with respect to Novell's direction:

Novell with Netware 6 is embracing the opensource idea: NFS is standard;
Apache is standard; mySQL port is under development by Novell; Novell's
imaging solution puts a small Linux boot partition on the workstation to
check NDS for need to image workstation.  One session at Brainshare was
Microsoft-free: all Linux and Novell.

Personal opinion: Novell's NOS is good, but better than Linux ????? 
eDirectory (NDS) seems to be Novell's major asset.  It cannot be beat
for 'large' networks and ease of administration.  It is worth noting
that eDirectory also runs on Linux.  Netware 6 offers many bells and
whistles that I haven't seen on Linux (yet?).  The real question is
whether it is worth the cost and that is pretty much a local decision. 
The SLA (school licensing agreement) makes the cost to schools quite
reasonable compared to similar M$ solutions, but definitely not free. 
The one point worth noting seems to be Novell's vision of supporting all
platforms 'natively' including Linux.


David Trask wrote:
> I was talking to one of the other Tech Coordinators in my state the othere
> day and we got into a discussion of Linux vs. Novell.  Can any of you who
> might be former or current Novell users shed any insight on what Novell
> offers that Linux solutions might not, or how can this TC move his school
> to a Linux solution and still be able to have the security and
> authentication and so forth that he claims to have with Novell.  Can it be
> done?

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