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[K12OSN] SOP for purchasing?

I seem to be the king of almost off-topic posts lately. Standard disclaimer applies, topic lawyers, move along now...

It seems that I am going to be taking over the technology department in my district next year, and I feel the need for introducing some semblance of professionalism and organization. We currently have no SOP for purchasing new equipment or standards on purchasing. How have all of you K-12 managers handled this? Did you standardize on particular brands / vendors? Do buy pre-built boxen, or fab your own, thereby avoiding the MS tax. I would like to standardize the equipment we purchase down the road to try to work out some of the disarray and patchwork of equipment we have now. Is this a pipe dream in small K-12, where it is not feasible to do purchasing in large numbers, or should I keep pushing for it? I personally am a big fan of AMD products (which could save us a bundle), but am a bit leery in specifying those, simply because I know of too many past problems with them, and I have not heard any success stories of large-scale roll-outs. Have any of you used AMD in relatively large numbers with success? What sort of purchasing framework have you developed? What have you standardized on?

-Thanks for getting this far-

-Quentin Hartman-
Tech Support Specialist
Fern Ridge School District
Elmira, OR

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