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Re: [K12OSN] 7.3 Beta

On 12 May 2002, Stefan Furtmayr wrote:

>what i think should be changed in the beta:
>- all source RPMs from CD3 to make room for more edu-apps

They've been moved to discs 4 & 5 with the rest of the source code.
I didn't have a copy of disc 4 & 5 at the time, so I stuck them on disc 3
in the meantime.

>Desktop non-free:
>- add RealPlayer


>- add fetchmsttfonts (with wrapper script that sets ftp/http proxies
>because active FTP is forbidden by default ipchains rules)
>  Compare www.real.com before and after:
>  http://www.bn-paf.de/k12ltsp/real1.gif
>  http://www.bn-paf.de/k12ltsp/real2.gif

fetchmsttfonts is included in the xf86ttfontool package, which I missed
copying over from K12LSTP 2.0.2. It'll be in the next build.

The default should be to permit active FTP. I've used fetchmsttfonts several
times without a problem on 2.0.2. Will double check that it on 2.1.0 on
my next test install.

>- "Get Adobe Acrobat Reader" also shown as title for Java!

Oh the evils of cut-n-paste ;-)

I think I'll also include Webmin as well. That would be a good short-term
solution until I (or someone else ;-) figures out a way of adding it to
the installer without causing a big security problem.

>(this one is important, also see email from Jeffrey Elkner)
>- IceWM - with network+cpu+clock disabled (clock at least without
>seconds -> %H:%M), GDM script /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions/IceWM and a prettier
>theme (i like metal2)
>If one finds a working menu converter for Gnome+KDE this would be great
>(see utils on icewm.org)!
>- Menu editor:
>+ IceMe
>+ NOT: IceMC -> may produce broken config files with many folded "{" at
>the beginning of the file, can be easily corrected with vim though
>- gcompris and gtypist (how can this be run fullscreen?)
>- kurllaunch with Galeon included in
>/usr/share/config/kurllaunch/browsers.rc to open Windows URL files
>- Bluefish 0.6 -> 0.7 (already about half a year old)

Will look at these.

>- Etherboot 5.0.6?

Generating all of the etherboot images is pretty time-intensive. If someone
wants to generate them & send me a tar ball, that would be appreciated.

>- http://xcdroast.sourceforge.net/RPMS/a10/redhat-7.3/
>-> Alpha10 is the long awaited release that adds multi session, CD-Text
>and experimental DVD support. The non-root mode is now also much easier
>to configure and there have been a lot of other improvements.

Since I'm working hard on getting K12LTSP to play nice with the Red Hat
Network, I'm going to avoid changing default Red Hat packages as much as

>- initrd.ks -> rename to initrd.kit (not to get confused if it belongs
>to RedHat's Kickstart)

This will all be removed in the next major release. Let's just leave it
as-is for now.

>- pxelinux.cfg: rename default to ltsp, link default -> ltsp, create
>localboot + netinstall (as described in

For your FAQ, you could also note that there is a utility,
/tftpboot/lts/pxe/pxelinux.cfg/gethostip, that will list the hex
version of the IP address. For example:

	# gethostip C0A80001

	# ln -s C0A80001 netinstall	

>Other experiences:
>Kernel: bigmem which is the default when installing everything didn't
>work with my two RTL8139's, the standard kernel was fine. I only have
>512 MB though and didn't test the new -4 kernel. Just fyi if someone
>should trap into that too.

That would be a Red Hat 7.3 specific problem. I have done an everything
install, I'll try it and see if I get the same results.

>DHCP: after swapping IP's of eth0 and eth1 dhcpd didn't start anymore,
>don't know why(?)
>(network cable for internet access was very short where i presented it
>this weekend...)

When setup for LTSP, dhcp is bound to just eth0. This was intended to keep
people from unitentially dropping rogue DHCP servers on their lan.

This is set in /etc/rc.d/init.d/dhcp,

	daemon /usr/sbin/dhcpd eth0


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