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Re: [K12OSN] 7.3 Beta

On 12 May 2002, Stefan Furtmayr wrote:

>what i think should be changed in the beta:

>Desktop non-free:
>- add RealPlayer

If anyone can figure out the URL to the free Linux version of RealPlayer, 
please let me in on the secret ;-)

>(this one is important, also see email from Jeffrey Elkner)
>- IceWM - with network+cpu+clock disabled (clock at least without
>seconds -> %H:%M), GDM script /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions/IceWM and a prettier
>theme (i like metal2)
>If one finds a working menu converter for Gnome+KDE this would be great
>(see utils on icewm.org)!
>- Menu editor:
>+ IceMe
>+ NOT: IceMC -> may produce broken config files with many folded "{" at
>the beginning of the file, can be easily corrected with vim though

It looks like it is non-trivial to add in a new session type into either
GDM or KDM. I'll include IceWM, but it might be better to wait to fully
integrate it in the next major release.

>- gcompris and gtypist (how can this be run fullscreen?)

I have gtypist packaged.

I'm not having much luck getting gcompris to compile and their package
won't install on a Red Hat 7.3. Will continue to work on it.


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