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[K12OSN] Re: [school-discuss] A cry for help,

This is a nice "snap shot" of where it seems to me most of us are. The few who
have gone beyond this seem to be too busy to write much about what they've done.
I need exactly the kind of help mentioned in this message and I bet I'm not
alone. If we get some good docs we should post it everywhere, including on

Quoting Chris Calise <chris oip net>:

> Hello Paul , 
> we are working on setting up a LTSP at a local middle school. Tim Rogers
> trogers head-start lane or us from Head Start asked our local Linux folks for
> some help, but  I don't think anyone has volunteered yet. I thought you might
> be able to give him some guidance. I wish I could help but I am more the
> activist side of our efforts here in Lane County. We are deploying soon,
> perfect or not. We are trying to form a cohesive group here to offer training
> and mentoring. We also need to work on hardware. But I do believe, like you,
> that having this as user friendly as possible is the only way to assure
> acceptance by schools. 
> Here is Tim's post:
> > Actually, what I would like is some help in setting up - and documenting
> > - a limited, user-proof configuration of LTSP. It really is more of a
> > security and Window Manager (XFce is what I am leaning toward) issue
> > than a LTSP issue.
> > 
> > I have a working LTSP network - using two Ethernet cards and a private
> > subnet like L12LTSP does - working. What I need is for someone with some
> > time to give to tweak the setup, optimize the XFree86-4 configuration
> > for each workstation, set up and secure a login configuration, and try
> > to resolve some of the issues around running more than one copy of, say,
> > OpenOffice.org as a particular user.
> > 
> > In short, I have it working. But it isn't perfect, and is not
> > bulletproof. I would like to find a bulletproof configuration, and get
> > it documented so that we can roll out the setup all over the community.
> > 
> > Anyone have some time?
> Anyone who can help,
> Please contact Tim .
> Thanks Again
> Chris Calise
> LaneCC Open Source Group
> http://staff.lanecc.edu/lccoscg/
> Eugene, Oregon

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