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[K12OSN] 2.1.0 beta updates

I've uploaded new-n-somewhat-improved beta ISOs for K12LTSP-2.1.0.

Standard disclaimer applies, these are still considered beta quality, don't
run them on a production machine, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I think we're almost there. This build adds a bunch of the small things
that have been discussed here on the list in the last week, including:

 * updated OpenOffice, bluefish, dhcp, and true-type font packages
 * gtypist and rpm-apt have been added
 * a couple small bugs that annoyed me, but no one else was likely to notice,
   have been squashed
 * Floppy support has been disabled by default, just to be save. Uncomment
   it in lts.conf if you need it.

rsync -avP k12linux.mesd.k12.or.us::K12LTSP-beta/

As always, feedback, bug reports, and patches are welcomed ;-)

I'm still working on icewm. Building packages out of icewm is not fun, it's
taking much longer than I would have expected. Preliminary, incomplete 
packages are available here:


It is relatively safe to install these packages, if they don't work just 
remove them and you'll be back to normal. Please take 'em for a test spin
if you can and let me know what you think.


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