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Re: [K12OSN] rdesktop help needed!

Just a wild guess since I don't have a w2k terminal server to test against,
but there are a couple of options to rdesktop that may help. rdesktop -h

Try -b (force bitmap updates) and/or -m (do not send motion events)


On 14 May 2002, Stevn Bartley wrote:

>Hi all,
>I am having an odd problem using rdesktop.  We have an LTSP server with
>a ThinkNIC workstation.  I am using rdesktop to attach from the
>workstation to a w2k server running Windows terminal services.  The
>purpose is to be able to run a Windows app called Clientele.  
>The problem is that the Clientele screens are refreshing oddly.  The
>screen draws fine but some of the fields show up blank.  If I move my
>mouse cursor over the field, the text appears and remains in the field. 
>This does not happen in every field and does not happen in the same
>fields every time.  Each time, it is different fields.  
>Someone on the ltsp chat group recommended using X_DEVICE_OPTION_01 =
>backingstore to solve this problem.  The problem is, I am using XSERVER
>= Xvesa for the ThinkNIC and I understand that this negates the use of
>Can anyone help with this problem or recommend somewhere to look?

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