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Re: [K12OSN] One or two to a PC

FWIW prior to our k12ltsp we had 16 pcs in our lab.
We used the double up method and also the rotate method (group A sits at
the table in the middle of the room while group B works at the pc then
they switch) Neither method was very satisfactory.

When we brought our terminals on line everyone was SO glad to have their
own pc. 

For the most part our students are not assigned a seat in the lab. 

I am on the tail end of teaching 6th graders how to use the gimp. This
is what I've noticed. Some students pair up and show each other what
they have learned and help each other, after they show off to each other
they break apart and take off on their own, next class they repeat the

Others are more comfortable in their own space.


On Tue, 2002-05-14 at 14:44, Warwick Chapman wrote:
> A general Q
> Anyone have any theories as to whether 1 student to 1 PC is better 
> than 2 students to 1 PC as far as rate and thoroughness of learning 
> is concerned.
> In many ways, I feel 2 to a PC is better.  Especially on introduction 
> to programming type courses...
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