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RE: [K12OSN] Tape drive problem .......... can anyone shed some light on this???

Hi Steve,

All tapes and hardware supplied by same vendor. I used to work for the 
supplier. The account manager is very competent, and double checks 

The SLR7 is a 20/40 GB drive

The tapes are Imation SLR 20/40 tapes. Theoretically they will work.
I couldn't find any info on the web about different tapes for the SLR7 and 
SLR40 drives. Tandberg site

I have tried two different tapes, with the same result.

I have just finished speaking to the supplier and they suggest trying a 
different SCSI controller.
They have encountered two instances of tape drive / controller 
incompatibilities. One on a DAT drive, one SLR.
In both cases putting an Adaptec controller in fixed the problem. One 
machine was a new IBM server.

I've got an Adaptec controller waiting to be used. So I'll give that a try.

I've never put new hardware into a functionioning Linux box before. :-)

I'd really like to back the server up, but that's where my problem lies! 

> Hmm, are you sure that the tapes you're using are *compatible* with this
> particular drive?  Not every medium that physically fits the drive is
> necessarily usable with it, and that's what these persistent errors
> sound like to me.

I'll be double checking with the supplier when the account manager gets 
back into the office.


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