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Re: [K12OSN] mapping a drive/home dir via Samba?

Arrrgggg... Just when it was looking so easy too!

It looks like writing is not implemented yet. You can copy from the
share but not to the share.

You may have to use the other suggestions in this thread to mount the
share and then get to it via normal means.

We nfs mount /home on our K12LTSP servers and this works fine as users
can roam the building and always have their own files.

I bet if you played around with the other mount suggestions you could
end up with the same functionality.

;-) Paul

On Tue, 2002-05-14 at 16:52, David Trask wrote:
> I can create the shortcut...I can see my files, but I can't write anything
> there....any ideas?
> k12osn redhat com writes:
> >>Hi David,
> >>
> >>One very easy way to do this is with Konqueror in KDE. Just enter
> >>something like smb://server/homes and you'll be prompted for a username
> >>and a password. It works very well. You could create links and shortcuts
> >>to common shares.
> >>
> >>There are other ways to mount smb shares with smbmount but give KDE a
> >>try. There should be lots of ways to take advantage of this feature in
> >>many schools.
> >>
> >>;-) Paul
> >
> >Sounds great...is it possible to kinda' create a universal shortcut that
> >would point to the home dir of whoever happens to be logged on to that
> >session?...I'd like to put a shortcut on everyone's desktop that would
> >take them to their home dir (via login of course) on my E-smith box (using
> >the login would be fine...I just want to make it as easy as possible)
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