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[K12OSN] Turbo Pascal in Linux


Currently I have Borland TP7 running in a dosemu xdos window. 
Very processor intensive. Not the best for LTSP.  I have heard of 
using things like fpc and gpc??

What are the other options, providing the IDE is basically the same.

I have the LTSP box with KDE3 fully connected to the Windows 
Domain, with the Windows users able to login to LTSP Terminals 
(Samba 2.2.4 - winbind default domain support working great), just 
cannot get pam_mount to work.  I think i'll have a go at compiling 
the source again... This has to work! I am soo close to wrapping up 
six months of R&D.

Also, have you used Kylix on LTSP.  I am having a problem getting 
the authorization code to stay from one user to the next.


Warwick Chapman
Network Administrator
Glenwood High School, Durban, South Africa
+27 031 2055241
+27 083 7797094

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