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FW: [K12OSN] Beyond awareness... moving towards migration!

Hi Warwick,

Did you get this message?

One other thing you can do is allocate menu items by group.

Here's what you do - 

Assign / change group ownership to the different folders and remove world/global access

in /usr/share/applnk 




>From experience this will allow application usage by group, i.e. Games can only be accessed by members of the games group.

With folder access controlled by group, you can prevent unauthorised users from getting to these folders and changing permissions.

If anyone remembers the movie "The Principal" starring James Belushi, this school has similarities.


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Hi all,

For a quick and dirty desktop lockdown try this.


Make a backup of the follwing file


It's a plain text file.


To limit access to taskbar items

NB - DON'T do this while the user is logged in. You WILL mess up kickerrc. 
It gives some interesting results! :-)

1)	Open /home/<username>/.kde/share/config/kickerrc in TEXT EDITOR

2)	Read through the file and get an idea of what each applet and button 
does. Note the names.

3)	In the [General] section there is a line which loads applets and 
buttons. It should be the first line.

4)	Delete any applets / buttons you don't want the users to access. NB You 
can't comment / REM  these out. KDE 	does some writing back to the file 
during each login / logout.

5)	Test the user login, to check results of your handywork.

I've tried to removed the taskbar completely, but haven't been able to. 
Perhaps releteing the kickerrc file will do that. Logging out becomes a 
problem if you do this.

I haven't been able to remove the clipboard or calendar either. They aren't 
a problem, so I'm not too worried.

A positive side effect is an improvement login speed. KDE isn't loading any 


Then I deleted the CD and Floppy disk icons. You can't do this for the 
Trash Can, it keeps getting resurrected!

Because of
A) the FUD factor and
B) a custom school admin application
we are using K12LTSP to run Win4Lin NSSE sessions.

We will transition over to a Linux desktop, ( wher it is appropriate ) in 
the next 12 - 24 months. I'm sure the students will be fine, but the staff 
are a different kettle of fish.

I created a single desktop Icon to relaunch Win4Lin NSSE if the user should 
"accidently" shut down Win98.


That's as far as I have got. It's a compromise on what I would really like.

I'd like the Win4Lin workstations to connect to the server, tftp the 
kernel, log in the "machine" user based on the MAC address, and launch 
Win4Lin into full screen mode.

To run Win4Lin full screen mode I have to be at a text mode login. In other 
words X doesn't start and the desktop manger isn't required. The user logs 
in and then enters fwin.


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