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Re: [K12OSN] Turbo Pascal in Linux

On Wed, 15 May 2002, Warwick Chapman wrote:

>Currently I have Borland TP7 running in a dosemu xdos window. 
>Very processor intensive. Not the best for LTSP.  I have heard of 
>using things like fpc and gpc??
>What are the other options, providing the IDE is basically the same.

I cant remember how old Borland TP7 is... The Kylix stuff is their 
current meanderings. 

WHat I have seen with fpc and gpc is that they dont 
have IDE's. For the most part, Linux has approached programming from the 
point of view that Emacs is the most complicated IDE a person could ever 
need (ok its the most complicated XYZ you could ever need..) and you 
should probably do your programming in vi or something similar.

Looking at Freshmeat, there is lazarus IDE for fpc but it is a more 
delphi approach.


Other ones


There used to be one that Red Hat carried back in the olden days.. it 
was based on an older Borland IDE.. I think it was called xwpe. It looks 
like it isnt supported anymore by the original author.. a branch of it 
has been made here:


Stephen John Smoogen
  smooge mindspring com

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