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Re: [K12OSN] Turbo Pascal in Linux


TP7 is being phased out here and replaced with Kylix for the 
national computer studies syllabus.

We still need TP7 for 3 years though, while those who started with 
it, finish it off.  That is why I need an IDE identical (or very similar) 
to Borland's IDE.  I don't have the benefit of a very enterprising 
computer studies teacher either, so he'll put up a fierce resisitance 
to changing to another IDE.

Delphi, as I say it the new syllabus, so that's where my interest in 
Kylix started.


On 14 May 2002, at 22:19, smooge mindspring com wrote:

> On Wed, 15 May 2002, Warwick Chapman wrote:
> >Howdy
> >
> >Currently I have Borland TP7 running in a dosemu xdos window. 
> >Very processor intensive. Not the best for LTSP.  I have heard of 
> >using things like fpc and gpc??
> >
> >What are the other options, providing the IDE is basically the same.
> I cant remember how old Borland TP7 is... The Kylix stuff is their 
> current meanderings. 
> WHat I have seen with fpc and gpc is that they dont 
> have IDE's. For the most part, Linux has approached programming from the 
> point of view that Emacs is the most complicated IDE a person could ever 
> need (ok its the most complicated XYZ you could ever need..) and you 
> should probably do your programming in vi or something similar.
> Looking at Freshmeat, there is lazarus IDE for fpc but it is a more 
> delphi approach.
> http://www.lazarus.freepascal.org/
> Other ones
> http://www.rhide.com/
> There used to be one that Red Hat carried back in the olden days.. it 
> was based on an older Borland IDE.. I think it was called xwpe. It looks 
> like it isnt supported anymore by the original author.. a branch of it 
> has been made here:
> http://www.identicalsoftware.com/xwpe/
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> Stephen John Smoogen
>   smooge mindspring com
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