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Re: [K12OSN] One or two to a PC

A better method for having students work together might be to move to a "Sourceforge model" (for lack of a better term) and have the PC:Student ratio 1:1 on boxes, but 2:1 or more:1 on projects. That way, students can still work together on the same program, but be able to share each other's knowledge and learn more from each other during the process. I found this to work quite well with both Java and Perl.

Joseph Morelock
Instructional Media Services Director
Canby High School
morelocj canby k12 or us
503.266.5811, x1110, x1008
On Tuesday, May 14, 2002, at 12:50 , Dan Young wrote:

A purely practical consideration for the 2:1 kid/computer ratio:

Most labs laid out for a 1:1 ratio. The students are crammed in elbow to elbow bumping their peers at the station next to them. Here's my mediocre ascii art (I'm eating lunch while I draw :-) )

|---| |---| |---| |---|
|   | |   | |   | |   |
|---| |---| |---| |---|
 0 0   0 0   0 0   0 0
     ^     ^     ^
0s are students; ^ indicates where elbows are bumping.

Otherwise I like the idea for pairing up for problem solving intensive situations.

-Dan Young
-Parkrose School District

Warwick Chapman wrote:
A general Q
Anyone have any theories as to whether 1 student to 1 PC is better than 2 students to 1 PC as far as rate and thoroughness of learning is concerned.
In many ways, I feel 2 to a PC is better. Especially on introduction to programming type courses...
Warwick Chapman

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