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RE: [K12OSN] Linux Clinic this Saturday

Hi Paul,

Could you spring for a Concorde flight, huh huh?


On Wednesday, May 15, 2002 12:32 PM, Paul Nelson [SMTP:pnelson riverdale k12 or us] wrote:
> Hello Folks,
> I'm sending out our usual announcement for our monthly Linux Clinic. I'm
> also posting to a wider audience in hopes of sharing a bit of how our
> local user group has helped us.
> Our school plays host to the clinic every month on the 3rd. Saturday. We
> invite Linux experts from the PLUG (Portland Linux/Unix User Group) to
> come and help with software installs and configurations for local
> schools, teachers, kids and the public at large.
> http://www.riverdale.k12.or.us/~danh
> We meet from 1:00 to 4:00 and there are always plenty of folks who come.
> Everyone helps everyone. We often have goodies to pass out and after a
> new Linux release it's not uncommon to have several CD-Rom burners going
> full speed all afternoon.
> We have our own workstations that boot into Linux from our terminal
> server for people to play with and folks bring in their own hardware to
> configure.
> Let me think about this for just a minute, do I want Linux experts to
> come to my school every month to help me use free, stable software to
> provide cool technologies for my students? They won't charge me anything
> and they enjoy providing support for our schools through our local
> listserv on a 24x7 basis...  Duh... It doesn't take much to realize how
> well this works! It's fun for the experts too though!
> For those of you in the Portland area, come and join us. If you've never
> used Linux before or just want to see what the fuss is all about, you
> are welcome here.
> If you're a school and you want to take your first steps this would be a
> good time to come by. This Saturday we have a special going... We'll
> configure your hardware to be an Appleshare server and toss in a web
> server for free! ;-^)
> My hope is that other LUGs out there would start hosting clinics. If you
> are from a school, contact your local user group and offer to host a
> clinic!
> Linux Journal has a great LUG locater at:
> http://www.ssc.com:8080/glue/groups along with all kinds of other good
> LUG stuff.
> Red Hat hosts another site with lots of links too!
> http://www.redhat.com/apps/community/LUG/
> If you are hosting clinics with your LUGs please let us know or post
> your info on the K12OS.org site.
> Lastly, I want to extend a big thank you to all the Linux users who have
> helped us so much over the years. Your work and generosity really has
> huge impact in our classrooms. I think we're just now starting to see
> that in big ways. Helping a local school may seem like a small thing to
> do but it sure makes a big difference.
> Thanks!
> ;-) Paul
> REMINDER!!! If you want to discuss the July 4th, Software Freedom Day,
> come at 12:00 with your lunch.
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