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[K12OSN] Call for PPoint contributions

Hi folks

I'd like to make a call for brief histories/pictures of colleagues using
K12LTSP solutions in their schools for a power point presentation that I
need to have ready by the 23th of May. My purpose is to show our
superintendent, some Board members and some principals "real live" reasons
for using the thin client solution, coupled with success stories/pictures
of kids in labs actually using "our stuff". US and overseas (gif/jpg)
images welcomed. I would _LOVE_ to cover a whole wall with printouts of
your pictures, your location, number of units and approximate cost (local

If you already have a presentation that involves some of the rea$on$ for
your preference and would not mind sharing them, I'd be much obliged. My
presentation also involves our increased use of Swikis and e-smith servers.
I'll be glad to post the contributions and my angle once they are compiled
and completed.

Please feel free to contact me directly:
Alan A Hodson, TIS/El Paso ISD (TX)
Vx:915-587-1172 Fx:915-587-1161
ahodson episd org
ahodson elp rr com

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