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Re: [K12OSN] More than a Thin Client NIC problem

Linux Journal article on Free Pascal and GTK+ includes links to sites.


At 11:43 AM 05/17/2002 -0700, Michael Thomas wrote:
>Thanks for the reply.  However, the problem seems to involve RedHat 
>more than just the K12LTSP project.  It seems that this machine (IBM 
>300 GL--Pentium 233) with either the original SMC EtherPower II or a 
>3Com905-TX NIC is having NIC config problems at installation.
>To summarize 4 troubleshooting scenarios quickly:
>RedHat 7.2 Workstation install with SMC NIC: Installer recognizes 
>card, however, DHCP configuration does not work, and eth0 does not 
>register the NIC.  If one runs the installer and specifies static 
>numbers, ifconfig does show eth0 and networking works.  However, 
>using netconfig, one cannot switch from a working static number to 
>DHCP.  Networking breaks at that point.
>RedHat K12LTSP 2.0.1 (RH 7.2): Problem as described previously on 
>list.  I think the hang up is DHCP-related since it throws the "Opps, 
>transmitter timeout, status=8000" error after searching for DHCP 
>RedHat 7.3 Workstation install with 3Com NIC: Installer does not 
>recognize card; installer bypasses networking setup completely.  Once 
>operational, ifconfig does not register eth0, netconfig does not 
>work.  However, if one removes the card, KUDZU recognizes that 
>hardware has been removed and shows the NIC model number.  If the 
>card is replaced, KUDZU recognizes it.  Netconfig comes up and DHCP 
>then works and ifconfig recognizes eth0.  (This is true for static 
>configuration as well).   Networking then operational.
>RedHat 7.3 Workstation install with SMC NIC:  Installer does not 
>recognize card; installer bypasses networking setup completely.  Once 
>operational, ifconfig does not register eth0, netconfig does not 
>work.  (Have not tried to remove and replace SMC card to see if the 
>KUDZU bypass solution works as it did for the 3Com card.  It likely 
>I know, I know, too many details!
>So after all of that it seems that it is a fundamental (installer?) 
>problem with RedHat 7.2 and RedHat 7.3. The networking issues are 
>then manifested in workstation installs and in K12LTSP Client 
>connections.  Do any of you concur?  Should I write RedHat?  Does 
>this impact the K12LTSP build?
>Thanks to Aaron Leininger at our district for helping me troubleshoot!
>>Hello Michael,
>>   Great card; there are a few people here partial to them as well.  The
>>current LTSP package, however, does not include the epic100 driver.  After
>>booting from your floppy disk / boot prom, the LTSP kernel is downloaded
>>and run, at which time the unsupported NIC card becomes a stopping point.
>>   I started tackling this issue myself and came up with a list of steps to
>>insert support for the NIC into an existing LTSP package without re-
>>compiling the kernel.  I laid out the steps I thought were necessary to do
>>so in a posting I made on this list on May 1st -- maybe you want to look
>>for it in the archive.  I had hoped that the guru's here could confirm the
>>process for me, or point out where it falls short of the mark.
>>   I haven't experimented with LTSP enough yet to offer you a solid

>>affirmation that the process works or a difinitive "howto" document as I'm
>>in the learning mode myself.  But perhaps the research I've done will give
>>you a leg up in your efforts.
>>Best regards,
>>>  I am currently setting up a LTSP lab and am running into a particular
>>  > problem with getting the proper boot rom image for a SMC EtherPower  II
>>>  NIC card.  Since I have access to 50+ IBM machines that could be  used
>>>  as thin clients (all of which are using the exact same card), I  would
>>>  like to figure out the issue.  Through www.rom-o-matic.net and
>>>  etherboot.sourceforge.net, I figured out that the SMC EtherPower II
>>>  NIC should boot using the latest Epic100 image.  However, I get the
>>>  following error:
>>>  Searching for Server (DHCP)
>>  > Opps, transmitter timeout, status=8000
>>>  Some docs on etherboot.sourceforge.net suggest that this error might
>>>  be related to the smp kernel.  The server I am running is a Dual PII
>>>  Xeon Intel Cabrillo.  Any ideas on which boot rom image will work  with
>>  > this NIC?
>>>  --
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>mthomas ttsd k12 or us
>K12OSN mailing list
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