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[OT] Re: [K12OSN] DNS entry

Hmm, you're actually asking several different questions here, and they are
all probably off-topic for this particular list, but here goes anyway...

First, I'd recommend picking up the O'Reilly book on DNS/Bind.  It'll help
you a great deal.  Now, assuming that you are running your own DNS
services (rather than having your ISP or domain registrar doing it for
you) you'll need to make some configuration changes to your system
(somewhere in /etc there should be something like a named.conf file, this
would be a good place to start).  There will probably be 4 or 5 files that
will need to be edited to make all of the DNS changes that you want.  The
book that I mentioned goes into specifics, assuming that you are running a
fairly recent version of bind, and not some other daemon (like djbdns,
etc.) to serve DNS requests.  The website for bind (named) is

You'll need to make a change or two to your mail daemon (sendmail,
postfix, qmail, other?) to make it respond to requests for your new
domain.  The sendmail website (www.sendmail.org) has a great deal of
online documentation, and the O'Reilly book on sendmail is quite good,
again assuming that you are using sendmail.

You're also going to need to make a change to your web server for it to
respond to requests for your new domain name.  Assuming that you are using
Apache, you should have an httpd.conf file somewhere (probably also in
/etc).  I'd recommend taking a look at www.apache.org, their online
documentation is quite good as well.  In particular, look for information
on virtual hosting.  There are several ways to do this, either a single IP
address for your server and do name based virtual hosting, or multiple IP
addresses for your server with a seperate domain for each IP.  I'd
recommend the former, as the later is often a waste of your IP address
space and isn't used very often any more.  Again, the O'Reilly book on
Apache is also quite good.

I realize that this is fairly light on the actual details, but a
step-by-step walkthrough would depend on knowing a lot more about your
system, and would potentially take hours to write up and be prone to
errors.  It would be much easier to help you with specific questions
rather than trying to explain the entire process at length via e-mail.

Also, each of the above products (freebsd, apache, bind, and sendmail)
have mailing lists of their own.  You may find it helpful to browse their
archives or join their lists.

You may be able to find help from a FreeBSD Users Group in your area (if
one exists).  Failing that, every Linux Users Group (which seem a lot more
prevalent) that I've ever been in has had people that use one of the BSDs
(open/free/net) also.  Besides, all of these tools are very similar
between the BSDs and Linux platforms.


On Mon, 20 May 2002, Stephen Wagner, District Tech. Coord. wrote:

> I hope this is a good question to ask of this listserv, so forgive me if it
> is not appropriate.  I have looked and read everything I could find, but no
> clear answer.  I am running FreeBSD 4.5-release and have purchased a domain
> name for our school district.  How to I set it up on my box for the new
> domain.  I have now 3 domains for this school district. here is some info
> on my box:
> new domain name:  dps-littlejohns.net      old domain
> name:  danps.csw.net   oldest domain name: dhs.afsc.k12.ar.us
> how do I set it up to receive e-mail from all three
> domains?  example:  wagners dps-littlejohns net or danps.csw.net or
> dhs.afsc.k12.ar.us
> how do I set it up so that when users want to see our website they
> type:  www.dps-littlejohns.net and see our website?
> if someone could send me instructions on how to do this I would greatly
> appreciate it.
> Stephen Wagner
> District Technology Coordinator
> Danville Public Schools
> Danville, AR  72833
> 479.495.4804  fax 479-495-4803

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