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[K12OSN] 3C509 Problems with DHCP

Title: 3C509 Problems with DHCP

Hi Listers,

        I am trying out LTSP 2.0 as a beginning to an end of proprietary slavery. Any ways, I am having difficulty getting a workstation on-line. I had two problems and I will list them.

        1. I first tried to use a Compaq Prolinea 486/33, 32mb, 3c509 without luck. The etherboot could not locate the NIC. Not certain why, Any one using these PCs with success?

        2. I then tried a HP vectra VL 5/133, 32mb, 3c509 with better luck, same etherboot. But now I get to a point that says the following:

ERROR! Could not automatically detect the network card. <-- Actually, its picking up an IP
         PCI cards should be detected automatically.     *-- Shows in log as ACK
         ISA cards cannot be detected, so they require
         the nic driver to be specified in a 'NIC=' parameter
         to be passed on the kernel command line,
         usually specified in option-129, in the
         /etc/dhcp.conf file.

Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!

        I assumed I needed to edit the dhcp.conf for a static address with the mac#. I did that and it still throws this error. I am wondering where to go from here. Any help is appreciated.

Todd M. Costa
Cape & Islands Community Mental Health Center
EDP II, LAN Manager
"Work Smarter, Not Harder....Use Open Source Solutions"

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