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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP for 200 clients

> Will 2 dual Pentium III 933's with 2 gig RAM and 72 gig HD space cut it
> to supply 200 clients thin linux? The desktops are powerful and all have
> 192 MB Ram at least. The machines could run X windows on their own but I
> am thinking administration

Keep in mind that with a standard LTSP setup, it won't matter how powerfull
your clients are, performance is entirely dependent on the servers. You can
set them up to run applications localy, but at the cost of ease of

There are a lot of factors that dictate how many clients a server can
support, but I'd be leery about running 200 clients on that setup. For
example, here at Riverdale we have a duel Xeon 450 with 2 gigs of ram for 25
clients. Now, we could be running more, but nowhere near the 100 per server
you're talking.

Of corse, YMMV. If these computers are in a lab situation, the server could
easily be brought to it's knees if a classroom of kids all launch an app at
the same time. However, if the terminals are spread across a building and
won't often be in use at the same time, it could be ok. Your projected level
of use is a big factor. Check out http://k12ltsp.org/install.html for a
rundown on the factors that will effect speed and what your options are.


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