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RE: [K12OSN] help: V2.0 SAMBAsecondary+NTprimary, eth1 DHCP address 192.168.0.x

Hi Steve,

Lotsa snipping...............

> The Problems to be solved are;
> 1.)    The subnet that the NT DHCP server offers is 192.168.0.n  Which
> is going to cause an impossible routing
>           situation or the LTSP box.

No probs. I've got Wingate offering DHCP addresses AND LTSP offering 
addresses as well.

It's a hack so I can keep using WINGATE until I have a Squid box set up and 

All I did was limit the address pool on wingate to xxx.xxx.xxx.nnn where 
nnn= 1 -> 99

On LTSP I limited the pool nnn = 100 -> 220

I have all my fixed IP on 221 -> 254, All my jetdirects live in this range

The cool thing is we had a power cut last week. It messed my switches up 
and for a while we had two physical networks.
With the DHCP servers in different buildings we were able to function 
without too many hiccups. No Internet on one segment, but that was minor.

> 2.)    The classrooms _downstream_ of the LTSP server still need to run
> windows _AND_ have access to the existing
>            NTDomain 'schoolnet'.
> I need Samba on the K12OS box, so users can access their ~/public_html/
> and thus work on their websites.

1) Make LTSP/SAMBA a member server on your NT Domain. The tech will know 
how to add an NT server to the domain.

Get the relevant info from O'Reilly's online book on SAMBA.

If you have SAMBA set up correctly, the tech will see the new server show 
up in network neighbourhood anyway.

2) Then change your login script to map the SAMBA folders to the Public 
Html share.

It should look something like


eg. NET USE I: \\Sambasrvr\websites

This will be done on the NT server, so you will need to get the tech to 
help with this.

Easy Peasy.

> So how will all this rock together ?

Like a hand in a glove!

> Any and all comments are invited.
> TIA,
> Steve
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