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Re: [K12OSN] Client RAM requirements? / Athalon ATA server vs.Dual-Xeon with SCSI - feedback?

If there is not enough memory for the X server, kernel, and networking
code (and the few other system-type apps that will run on the client),
then swap will be needed for the client to run at all.  Ideally, all
of the code that gets executed on a regular basis will be in RAM and
not swap.  This is what drives the minimum RAM needed.

For example, on my machine at work, the X server is currently
consuming 120MB, but only 30MB or so is actually used on a regular
basis.  So, I don't need to size RAM to handle 120MB for the X
server, just 30MB.  It might swap occasionally, but that is tolerable.
(Don't ask why my X server consumes so much memory, I have a quite
non-typical setup.)

So, for thin clients, the minimum RAM size should accommodate the
amount of memory used on a regular basis by the X server, not the
maximum amount.  But some swap space will be necessary.

Anyone care to check their X servers in a  real environment?  Just
look at the output of "ps -auwwx" at check the RSS column and VSZ
column.  The results might prove enlightening for anyone planning
an installation.


Greg Long wrote:
> If only the Xserver (or would it be the X-client with the video driver?)
> and the kernel and networking components run on the client side, the
> client shouldn't ever notice swapping.  We'll put 16 or 32mb or more in
> the clients, with old SIMMS to be had for free or close to it, that
> should be easy.
> I guess I just fail to see how swap file would affect the client side
> any.
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> On Mon, May 27, 2002 at 11:41:04AM -0700, Donald J Christensen wrote:
> > The X server and the kernel run on the client side.  I think you would
> > want at least 16MB to be comfortable, 32MB would be plenty.
> On a 100Mbit switched network, NFS-swap is reported to work very good,
> so less than 16Mb is probably OK. (Especially if the server has a 1Gbit
> NIC on the server).
> 4 Mb might work, but the network load of the NFS-swapping might decrease
> performance considerably. As always, it comes down to what applications
> users need to run on the terminals.
> Please report the result of your testing with these low-end pentiums
> back to the list.
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