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Re: [K12OSN] Linux on the Desktop

Hello Rick,

I know that the Beaverton School District is considering the use of
K12LTSP which is based on Red Hat 7.3. You can install a single
workstation from the same K12LTSP cd-rom set. This way you would have
the same distribution with OpenOffice, Abiword and other apps supplied
with K12LTSP. This would make things easier down the road later when you
are looking at updates and using machines with a common /home directory
mounted over your network.

The newest version (2.1.0 which should be out later this week, betas on
the k12os.org site now...) also has IceWM which is a low resources type
of window manager that runs well on machines short of memory and cpu

There are lots of distributions out there. If you see something in one
that you really think should be in your school, let us know about it so
we can consider adding it to the K12LTSP distribution.

;-) Paul

On Tue, 2002-05-28 at 12:20, Richard Shetterly wrote:
> We are looking at doing some pilot testing with Linux on the desktop. 
> With all of the various distributions of Linux available is there one that
> is more suited for the desktop than another?  '
> Thanks
> Rick.
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