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RE: [K12OSN] KX7-333R mboard for Athalon Server / Swap Death?

Chip makes a fundamental point about what users are runnning.  I guess
it just depends on what they launch and fail to close.  If there were 15
of me sitting there, 512mb/client would be needed - but I'm quite the
power user.  I imagine only one or two people out of 15-25 would be. and
a system should be able to tolerate a few extra apps if you advise the
users not to overuse the system and be careful about that.

I'm trying to gain as much insight on this before I begin as possible,
and, well, I thought my questions were at least SOMEWHAT pertinent for
the purpose of discussion. :)

I'll attack the install again tonight - it's unlikely two CD's are bad
or there is another isssue I'm having. (see previous message, md5sum OK
on disc2, crashing with 6 packages left to install)

Greg Long
Klamath Linux-Unix Group

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Sorry forgot to include this I my last e-mail....
I am not sure if you understand how Swap is used in Linux.
The Kernel allocates memory as requested by Processes, when Real Memory
runs out, it starts into Swap Space, when both Real Memory and Swap are
completely full, the Kernel will KILL the process that requested
memory.(And if there is no swap  to start with, when Real Memory Runs
out, it starts Killing then)  So, therefore, it is wise to have as much
memory(Swap+Real) as possible, but I do not think that adding a 10 gig
hard drive is necessary for this -- if you need that much memory -- you
need to seriously look at what you users are running :-)


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