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Re: [K12OSN] Application Help

Thank you all for your responses.  To clarify, STAR Reading is the
assessment piece of Accelerated Reader, and every student in our district
is assessed with this application.  I have labs throughout every school
that seem at times to be dedicated just for this application.

So, here comes my dilemma.  These labs we are looking at, are all full of
donated computers.  The schools can not afford to license any software for
these platforms, be it Windows or any Linux type software.  If I can
develop them a free platform, that meets or exceeds what they are
currently able to do with their Windows labs, I can easily get the
momentum needed to test and evaluate Linux in our environment.  I would
love to go to CodeWeavers, but I won't be able to license any software for
each one of these machines.

Are there any user groups, or volunteers that could help me along with
this process?  It would be greatly appreciated.  What is my local user
group up here in the Seattle area?


Shawn Hamby
Federal Way Public Schools
shamby fwsd wednet edu
(p) 253-945-2017  (f) 253-945-2223

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