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Re: [K12OSN] Application Help

On Wed, May 29, 2002 at 08:34:56AM -0700, Shawn-Hamby -ESC wrote:

> Thank you all for your responses.  To clarify, STAR Reading is the
> assessment piece of Accelerated Reader, and every student in our district
> is assessed with this application.  I have labs throughout every school
> that seem at times to be dedicated just for this application.

> So, here comes my dilemma.  These labs we are looking at, are all full of
> donated computers.  The schools can not afford to license any software for
> these platforms, be it Windows or any Linux type software.  If I can
> develop them a free platform, that meets or exceeds what they are
> currently able to do with their Windows labs, I can easily get the
> momentum needed to test and evaluate Linux in our environment.  I would
> love to go to CodeWeavers, but I won't be able to license any software for
> each one of these machines.

With the exception of their CrossOver plugin code (a proprietary library
that links between Wine and your Linux web browser), CodeWeavers does not
charge per-seat licenses for any of their software: they were one of the
principal backers of the decision to switch Wine to use the LGPL copyleft
license, and all work they've done on Wine for *any* of their customers
has been released back into the public, freely-available tree.  You would
not be buying software from them, you would be contracting with them to
get your choice application working under Wine.  Paying them to fix up
Wine would certainly cost more than buying a single OS license, but
if there's as much market for this application as discussion here
suggests, you may find it possible to share the development costs with
other districts that are in the same boat as you:  and once the
development's done, you would have no ongoing license costs to worry

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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