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RE: [K12OSN] Squid Proxy

Hello John and other posters,
Nice to hear you got some better results. I to have that tunneling effect
from time to time. So I have to remind myself to always go back to the
basics when things don't go as planned. It always something basic that I
missed everytime.
Well, I looked at some docs and notes to give you some suggestions. But the
most important thing is to read your distros versions of notes / docs first
then move onto Squid documentation for more brain food. Now I deal with the
Debian flavor mostly which tends to disable alot of stuff and then let the
admin enable the stuff he/she thinks would fit their design. So I may babble
Read your Release-Notes-*.txt in your /usr/share/docs/squid. Or basically,
any distro info files first. This will tell you any thing specific for the
distro package if done. Deb maintainers do this alot. I will assume the LTSP
being RH has the RH rpm package you are using which I have yet to get to in
my testing of LTSP so I am unsure of its defaults right now.
OK, in the squid.conf, look at the following options:
cache_dir                           <-- I think 50mb is too small, you may
want to increase it. Read Squid FAQ on this.
cache_swap_low                <-- Default is 90
cache_swap_high               <-- Default is 95
maximum_object_size        <-- Default is 4096 KB
store_avg_object_size         <-- 13 KB
store_object_per_bucket     <-- 20
refresh_pattern                   <-- This, I think helps determine if an
object is stale or not
reference_age                    <-- Set this to dynamically clean things up
over a period of time.
Final suggestion: Apply your options one at a time or in pairs. Wait a few
days then apply others. If you apply too many at once and something goes
funny it would be hard to determine which option is the culprit. And
remember when you edit squid.conf you can apply the changes by executing the
command, squid -k reconfigure. If something goes wrong re-edit the conf file
and run the command again. This should be fairly painless. Its better than
rebooting like those other server hosts. ;-)
Good Luck...

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Thanks Todd.

I had gotten a bad case of tunnel vision and didn't make the connection
between the ACL and the Proxy Restriction frames in Webmin. Once I created
the Client addresses and added them to the proxy restriction side, I took


One thing still remains. I still have quite a delay when pulling pages I
would expect to be in the proxy server by now. I'm thinking it may be a
configuration for performance issue. I have 256 mb ram on the server and set
up 50 mb for cache in squid. I left the hardrive and folder settings stuff
at default though.  Any ideas?


Thanks again for your help.

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