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RE: [K12OSN] Microsoft DHCP

Hi William,

	I will take a stab at this for ya. So I may ask some questions too.

First, I would try the following options also. But read completely first.

017 Root Path
018 Extensions Path
048 X Window System Font
049 X Window System Display
066 Boot Server Host Name   <-- LTSP must be a FQDN in DNS/WINS
067 Boot File name

1. The one thing I have learned is that M$ networks (NetBios) will not
pickup any other host off its segment without having a (resolve-able
address) DNS record available. Basically if you have a M$ only network WINS
would be all that's needed which just uses and enhances the NetBios
protocol. But thetas in its simplest form of networking M$. You could cheat
with Samba by becoming a member of the M$ domain but that's additional
resources used on the LTSP server. Or you could add a LMHOST file I think on
the NT server but I haven't really tried that so I am uncertain.

2. Not knowing anything about your net. I would ask if you are using DNS and
WINS? If so add the IP address and host name to its databases. Try again.

3. Start gathering information to fill in the options on the DHCP server I
would try above. Now like always I would make certain I have good backups of
the NT box first before messing with it. I have had trouble with the DHCP
Jet database engine before so I don't trust it being totally reliable.

4. Thinking more here, look into the LMHOST thing. I believe its similar to
the /etc/hosts file for resolving on the server first then going to
nameservers. IE hosts,bind from /etc/hosts.conf

Good Luck,


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> Subject: [K12OSN] Microsoft DHCP
> Hello.
> I am working in an enviorment at my HS were it is
> nessesary to use microsoft DHCP server on nt 4.0.
> I have tried setting the tftp boot server address but
> the client is not booting from the k12ltsp server. It
> tries to boot from
> Any Ideas?
> Thanks,
> ~Compbrain
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