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Re: [K12OSN] Application Help

That would be great :)

The more they see demand, the more likely they will develop for <insert platform here> It is very important to stress the potential cost savings for schools in having these vertical market apps available to more than Mac and/or Windows, as well as showing them that open source OS's are mainstream now and vendors that do not develop for them are ignoring a large and growing market. Too many of my vendors have painted themselves into a Microsoft corner with Microsoft-colored paint and a Microsoft brush.

If anyone knows of a MS Access clone (ie will run Access code), it would make my year :) My vendor has not seen the light yet.

At 11:21 AM 5/29/2002 -0700, you wrote:
I will throw some weight around also and see what happens.  If we can all
start hitting them from every direction, we might get a decent response,
or at least some help getting it to work with Wine...

k12osn redhat com writes:
>We use this as well.  I have contacted the vendor, and am waiting for a
>response.  The technician I usually speak with there is open-source OS
>friendly, so maybe I will get some product direction out of this
>inquiry.  http://www.renlearn.com
>My guess is they would develop the product if there is sufficient demand,
>the usual catch-22.
>At 10:15 AM 5/29/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>> >From my standpoint, I can not replace STAR or AR, I have to use them.
>>curriculum dept spent a lot of time and research to find the exact
>>for our district, and every teacher and student is using this application
>>now.  I will not be able to get an equivilant through any testing,
>>considering the investment we have made.  However, if I can make it work
>>on another platform, I can easily start converting labs.
>>k12osn redhat com writes:
>> >I think that, more than just the Seattle area, this issue needs to be
>> >worked around much larger boundaries. Maybe the Seattle LUG would be a
>> >good
>> >starting point, but IMHO, it should be something of interest to a lot
>> >people. I know that AR has been a sticking point in getting LTSP into
>> >another area school here, as there are LINUX equivalents to everything
>> >EXCEPT Accelerated Reader (in the opinion of the AR using teachers
>> >anyway).
>> >
>> >I am not an AR user, or STAR assessment knowledgeable. Is there
>> >someplace/
>> >someone to get/put together the requirements for such a project? What
>> >it
>> >about AR that makes the AR approach so unique?
>> >
>> >Kirk <ô¿ô>
>> >
>> >At 09:34 AM 5/29/2002, you wrote:
>> >>Are there any user groups, or volunteers that could help me along with
>> >>this process?  It would be greatly appreciated.  What is my local user
>> >>group up here in the Seattle area?
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