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RE: [K12OSN] Microsoft DHCP

Hi William,

Bert here.

You could try limiting the DHCP scope / address pool on the NT server. Then 
limit the DHCPd pool on the LTSP server to the free addresses from NT ie. 
NT from 0 -> 127 and LTSP 128 -> 254.

I've done that on my network and it works just fine.

You do need to be aware of any fixed IP addresses.

LTSP terminals want to connect to, so this would work.

The only time you would run into problems is when the network has more than 
255 machines on it.


On Thursday, May 30, 2002 1:36 AM, William Nowak [SMTP:compbrain yahoo com] 
> Hello.
> I am working in an enviorment at my HS were it is
> nessesary to use microsoft DHCP server on nt 4.0.
> I have tried setting the tftp boot server address but
> the client is not booting from the k12ltsp server. It
> tries to boot from
> Any Ideas?
> Thanks,
> ~Compbrain
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