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Re: [K12OSN] Microsoft DHCP

Darn, I would have to open my big mouth.

Well, it isn't entirely obvious in the book how to
make this work, but Etherboot bootroms have
a Vendor Class identifier string that is
13 bytes.  It is of the form:


In W2k DHCP, you can setup scopes based on Vendor classes,
so I assume that you could make the dhcp server recognize the
Etherboot vendor class.  Once you do that, there may be a way
to tell it NOT to hand out an address.

I don't have access to a w2k server right now, so I can't
even look at the screens to see what options are there.

You can also compile Etherboot to only listen to replies
that come back from certain DHCP servers, therefore, even
if the w2k server replies, Etherboot could flat out ignore it.

Anyway,  that's about all the w2k advice I can handle for
one night.

Good luck,

Jim McQuillan
jam Ltsp org

On Thu, 30 May 2002, Steve Wright wrote:

> jam McQuil com wrote:
> >It is possible to use a Microsoft DHCP server to
> >serve up dhcp for ltsp workstations.
> >
> >I personally haven't done it, but i've heard stories.
> >
> >Microsoft actually has a really good book describing their
> >dhcp (and dns) servers.
> >
> >The book is 'Windows 2000 server TCP/IP Core Networking Guide'
> >
> >Don't get me wrong, i'm not switching over to the "Dark Side"
> >or anything.  I've just got customers that I have to support
> >who are running W2k, and I've recently purchased the book and
> >am quite impressed with the level of technical information.
> >
> well, ahem.. since you have the book..   :-[
> can I tell w2k and NT "DON'T RESPOND"  on the basis on vendor-identifier 
> tags ?
> This will allow a (L)ocal windows-client boot to proceed normally, and a 
> (N)etwork
> boot to do-it-all on the LTSP box..
> This will allow us to remove the windows server and leave a working LTSP 
> system, OR
> remove the Linux box and leave a working windows system.
> Sysadmins will feel a lot safer with this.
> sincerely,
> Steve
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