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[K12OSN] Thin Client

Hi Paul,


Here is a link I found describing the system. It’s really all I can find about it.



I did get the units to boot to a Novell server just barely last year. As I recall I used RPL with ne2000 or ne2100 image using dosgen for Netware. I don’t know how this relates to Linux.


I dl’d the k12ltsp iso’s last week from your site. I left all the settings at default during install. And just to be sure, I hooked up one of the workstations we got with the LTSP lab we were given and it came up just fine.


Here’s where I get confused and mybe herein lies the problem. Do I have to change anything in the dhcpd.conf file to recognize these machines? And do I have to specify a Kernel? I was under the impression the server knew which image to hand off when a client attaches.


Thanks again for all your help Paul.


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