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RE: [K12OSN] Suspected Virus

On Pá, 2002-10-18 at 09:41, Yancey B. Jones wrote:
> You could try Vexira Mail Armor to protect it at the server level. I set
> it up for a client and it has performed flawlessly so far (salt over
> shoulder, knock on wood etc). I use Anomy to strip out any potentially
> harmful attachments and HTML before running it through Vexira, but even
> the zipped viruses (we allow ZIP files) have been caught.
> A mail server with Anomy and Vexira (or any AV server software I would
> guess) makes it tough to get anything harmful through, even for Outlook
> Express or us Outlook users.  Throw in Spamassassin and it's even
> sweeter.
> -Yancey Jones

I use amavis + f-secure client for linux.  This works to scan all emails
for viruses.

For spam, on a system wide basis I reject connections from known relays
(www.ordb.org).  At the user level I use spamassasin and ask
(http://www.paganini.org/ask).  Works like a charm.  Very few spam
emails get through.

None of that will protect you if your basic mail system is misconfigured
to allow open relays or if you've been rooted.


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