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Re: [K12OSN] keduca

Depends who you login as. If you login as root (not recommended for this case, as this is not an administrative task), if you click on the 'root's home' icon on the desktop, it will start Nautilus, the file manager for Gnome. You can use that to drag files from, say, /home/will to /home/student1 and so on. If you're not root, e.g., you login as whatch, you should make sure your ID is in the group ID for each student (see the /etc/group file). That way, you have write permissions to, say, /home/student1, assuming the group permissions for /home/student1 are set to write (and presumably read and execute).


Will Hatch wrote:

I'm planning on using keduca to make quizes and tests for students this year. If I create a test/quiz, how do I place it in a students home directory? It would be great if there was a function like windows explorer that I could select the test, and drag/drop it into the students folder. There must be a way that I have not discovered in the k12ltsp os. Any ideas? Thanks!

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